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How to order?

1. Choose your product(s) and options and add them to your cart. Proceed to checkout and choose shipping options that work best for your budget.
2. Upload your High Resolution (300dpi or more) PDF Print ready files (see File Specs to see how to make your files "Print Ready"). Please use your company name and page identifiers in the file name to make it easier for identifying your file.
3. We will send you proofs generally within 24 hours of receiving your graphics or design instructions. Please review your proofs carefully as once we receive approval from you we cannot make changes or corrections without re-printing your order, which requires you to pay for the item in full again. If there is a mistake or an issue, let us know and we will correct it and send corrected proofs.
4. Print & Delivery: Once you have approved your proofs, your job is sent to print. The majority of products are produced within 3 to 5 business days of you approving your proofs. When your order ships, you will receive your tracking number via email so you can keep an eye on the shipments progress.

We send you a PDF proof by email just to make sure nothing went wrong with the file, and that we set it up on our templates correctly.
If you need a hard copy proof, we can do that, but there is an additional charge of $75 for that. This includes the creation of this hardcopy proof and the cost to have it couriered to you.

Service: Mon-Friday 9am-5pm (email & website 24/7) 1-855-241-1(VIA)842
We are here and ready to help you with any of your questions or concerns. There's nothing worse than a website that doesn't seem to have real people behind it providing real service.

Prices & Payment?
Prices are in Canadian Dollars. We accept Paypal (Debit, Visa & Mastercard etc) and we also can accept email money transfers.

When will I receive my order?
We offer the best turnaround/production time in the industry. We print everyday - therefore, while our competition would still be processing your order, we will have your materials printed and ready to ship within 3 to 4 business days.
Our cut off time is 11am EST. Orders received after this time will be processed the next business day. Additional finishing options such as scoring, perforation, folding or bundling may add one or more days to our production time. Production time / turnaround begins only after you have approved your online PDF proofs.
Shipping time depends on the shipping method chosen and your delivery location.
Also remember that these are business days, meaning not including weekends. We don't include shipping time and file preparation time in the stated turnaround only because those times can change from one order to the next.

Shipping & Delivery?
Shipping is calculated in the cart. Simply add the items you want to your cart and then enter your postal code. Different shipping options and prices will appear in the drop-down menu.
Shipping time in the Greater Toronto Area is usually 24 hours. The rest of Canada can expect three to five business days. Next Day delivery is available and is quoted in the cart. Tracking numbers are sent out upon shipment.
If you wish a more economical option and you are not in a hurry please select door to door delivery at VIA's next available time (Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge and immediate surrounding areas ONLY). This is a flat fee charge no matter the size and weight of the order.

Do you use Digital or Offset?
Both! Digital printing is generally used when printing smaller quantities. This is because there is much more time and cost involved with preparing for an offset (printing press) job. Offset printing is used for larger quantities where the higher cost of setup is justified by the lower cost of production per piece.
The quality of our digital and offset product is very comparable and on most products it is very difficult to tell the difference. However the industry consensus is that offset printing produces the preferred quality. As a general rule of thumb quantities of 100, 250 and 500 are printed digitally while quantities of 1000 and above are printed offset.

Guidelines for Proper file Preparation:
FILE FORMAT: PDF format is preferred. We also accept the following file formats TIF, TIFF, JPG, EPS, and PNG.
RESOLUTION: All file formats must have a minimum of 300 dpi (dot per inch) resolution. The images designed for the web done at a low screen resolution of 72 dpi. Print images need to be created at 300 dpi or there will be a substantial drop in the image quality.
COLOR MODE: All color artwork and/or images must be provided in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color mode.
All black & white artworks and/or images must be provided in grayscale color mode. Heavy black ink might cause smearing.
Bleed template
BLEED: Please build your print-ready digital files by adding 0.125" to the overall dimension of your digital layout. We require ALL files to be built to the full bleed dimension specified for each trim size. We automatically trim 0.0625" off of each edge, which will result in the desired trim size.
What's a bleed? It is the portion of the card that will be trimmed off when cut to the final size. The purpose of a bleed is to continue a color, image or design to the edge of the card.
SAFE ZONE: All critical elements (text, images, logos, etc.) must be kept at least 0.125" inside the edge. Anything left close to edge may be cut off during trimming.
BORDERS: Please allow 1/16" cutting tolerance around your edge. We recommend no borders due to shifting in the cutting process, borders may appear uneven.
FONTS: a. Fonts must be embedded in PDF files. b. Fonts must be outlined or converted to paths or curves in EPS files. c. Some fonts have copyright restrictions and will not embed in PDF Files.
Turn OFF Overprint: Overprinting refers to the process of printing one colour on top of another. If you do not want this to happen make sure that the overprint option in turned off in your document.

What is head to head?
The first and second page of your multi-page PDF should be in the same direction. Multiple page documents should be prepared as one PDF file with multiple pages when possible especially for magazines and booklets.

AQ coating vs UV coating?
AQ is short for Aqueous and is a water based varnish applied over the finished print product. It prevents scuffing and gives it additional gloss. AQ is considered a writable gloss coating. This is important as people often want to write notes on print material, such as a price you gave them or a personal phone number.
UV is short for Ultraviolet and is a coating applied over the finished print product. It gives the card stock a very high gloss finish. Great for very vibrant images as well as tourist postcards. It is too glossy to write on.

What is scoring?
Scoring is an indent that is made on cards. If you plan on folding your cards, scoring is necessary as it helps to avoid cracking.

What is a perforation?
If you plan on having a tear-a-way section on your postcard, a perforation is required to ensure the postcard tears cleanly. This is most commonly used for coupons or for postcards that will have a tear-a-way business card attached to it.

If you are planning to mail your postcards/flyers through a post office, they require that you bundle the postcards in 100's. We offer this service to ensure you meet all of your timely deadlines.

I need help with my design.
We have several designers on staff that can help design your project within your budget. Call with any questions and for pricing. 1 855 241 1842.

Setup fees? Or any other charges for my existing graphics?
No set up fees! No upload fees! No hidden fees unlike some online printers that boast cheap printing prices (until you add up all the fees).

I need my colours to be exactly the way I see it on my computer screen or exactly the same as my last print job:
Computer monitor manufacturers do not make monitors with accurate colour reproduction in mind. Because people associate brightness with better quality, monitor manufacturers almost always make monitors significantly brighter than is actually accurate. This is true across the board. Even if you have a high quality Apple monitor there is a very strong chance this will be the case. Monitors also provide you settings to adjust brightness and contrast to your taste and there's certainly no guarantee from anybody that this will produce an accurate representation on your monitor.
The problem this can cause is that your graphics, in actuality, are darker than they appear on the screen. This is often discovered when a print job comes back darker than it appeared on the monitor.
A monitor can also be displaying too much red, or blue or any number of problems. However, having too much brightness is the most common problem.
We seriously recommend that unless you have significant experience with offset printing you consider brightening your files by 20% or so.
IMPORTANT: If you are wanting a print job with us to come out like a previous print job you have done elsewhere or are significantly concerned about the accuracy of the colours and brightness we strongly recommend you send us a hard copy you are happy with so we can adjust your files on our end using our calibrated monitors.

How are your prices so low? Is the quality not the same as other printers?
By operating online we maintain a much lower overhead than many of our competitors. That way you are not paying for the brick and mortar store-front when you buy your Business Cards. We print in larger volumes from a larger customer base making it possible to get lower prices from our suppliers, which we then pass on to you! Our quality tends to be even higher than a local print shop, as we can afford to have the latest equipment and higher end supplies because we buy them in higher volumes than a small print company can.

Highest Quality, Guaranteed
Many people new to online printing worry about the quality. We insist on only the best quality product and, as a matter of fact, we guarantee it! If you feel that the quality of your print job is not up to par, you can send it back for a full refund. With a promise like that, we cannot afford to take chances with a low quality product.

State-of-the-Art Equipment
From start to finish, your orders are processed on state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your printed materials are of the highest quality. We use the latest technology in software, printing equipment and processing procedures along with the latest in Pre-Press equipment, Computer-To-Plate Technologies, Sheet fed Presses, both Full and Half Web Presses, inline coating capabilities, several cutting systems, multiple folding machines, stitching lines, drilling and assembly stations.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please call us toll free at 1-855-241-1842, or email us at info@viaprinting.ca

Our Guarantees:
Quality Guarantee: If you feel that the quality of your print job is not up to par, you can send it back for a full refund.
Price Match Guarantee: If you find a lower advertised price for the same product not only will we match it, but we will give you a $10 voucher for your next order with us. The products must be of equal quality and quantity (example: Competitor advertises 500 business cards for $35 the fine print reads:12pt cardstock single sided with his advertisement on the back to qualify for special pricing – Our 500 business cards are $49 14pt cardstock, double sided, AQ coating no advertisement on the back … therefore this would not qualify as a price match).

Cancellations, & Returns
As soon as you approve your proof you agree to have your items printed. It is absolutely impossible to stop printing once a file has gone to press. If your order has already been printed, there is absolutely no exceptions to this rule.
If the order you placed is incorrect and you believe it was a result of our production process, we will either re-print your order for free or issue a full refund. Printing errors such as ghosting, smudges, light ink, incorrect perforations, form alignment, etc. If the order is being re-printed, no changes in copy, paper quality, quantity, or any such detail shall be allowed. If a problem arises with your order due to an error on our behalf.
In cases in which the error was created by the customer, (typographical errors, wrong names, etc.), we will reprint any product due to your error at your expense.
Should you wish to cancel your order before the order has gone to press, please call 1-855-241-1842 immediately. A cancellation fee will apply.


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